Fat Guy in a Little Country…

Evey time I get on the subway or walk around town, I realize I am truly a fat guy in a little country.  Unlike in the states where there is a one seat space etiquette, China has no such cultural understanding.  If there is an open seat on the subway, bus, etc., someone is going to sit there.  I have begun using this to my advantage.  Each time I get on and there is an open seat, I make everyone uncomfortable.  Many times, the Chinese will try to double cheek the seats so they can have more room, but when I get on, I just sit between anyone with an open place.  In my head I do my best Tommy Boy impression:

If you need another example, see exhibit B:

Can you guess what size this shirt is?  If you guessed medium, you’d be way off.  If you guessed my usual American size (XL), you’d still be way off.  That’s right folks, Zach wears a 3XL in China!

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2 Responses to Fat Guy in a Little Country…

  1. Chantal says:

    lol.I wear size L and that really freaks me out.

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