Class Projects

My first teaching job in China is an English writing class.  I have two classes that meet twice a week – one upper level and one lower level.  In my A class, one of my students wrote this essay during a timed in-class writing assignment:

Coin collecting is my favorite thing.  When I put many coins in my hands and shake them, I can hear the coins sing a song.  When I hear this sound, I think I am a rich man and can buy anything I want.  Even though I cannot pay for much, I am happy every day because I find happiness from the coin’s song.

This week I am talking about writing as a passionate art-form – I think this will serve a beginning.

If you would like a funny example of what I’ve received, check my notes on Facebook.

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One Response to Class Projects

  1. Kellie Bonogofsky says:

    This is wonderful! I am so happy and excited that you are doing this. Jade and I are rooting for you and Amanda over there!

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