All Things Forbidden

The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. It is located in the middle of Beijing, China, and now houses the Palace Museum. For almost five hundred years, it served as the home of emperors and their households, as well as the ceremonial and political center of Chinese government. – Stolen from Wikipedia

Yesterday, we had some time between meetings (clarification: we had one meeting at 5 PM), so we decided to experience a little of the local sites.  The day’s trek – the Forbidden City. I am sure that Amanda will upload pictures, so I will not waste your time with the scenes.

This was my second experience to the city (Amanda’s first), and it was again nothing less than amazing.  For over an hour, we perused a city that so many throughout history have not even been able to enter. When I say that, I am not just meaning they couldn’t travel to see it, they physically were not allowed to enter the city. It has been open to the public for less than 100 years and has only been a World Heritage Site since ’87.

After our adventure, we went to our 5 PM meeting where a few open jobs were mentioned.  Amanda now has a handful of teaching hours and in-office work!  YEAH!

Things to think and talk with the Big Kahuna about:

  1. More teaching hours
  2. Understanding of the payment system and taxes
  3. A small group (we went to one meeting last night that we were less than impressed with – a story I might share later.)
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